Margaux Gaubert

MxMy role in MedSea Villefranche

I am a master student doing my internship on the mesocosms experiment under the supervision of Fred and Laure. My objective is to estimate the community production, the community respiration and the bacterial respiration using the Winkler method based on oxygen measurements as all these biological processes are oxygen-related. All these parameters are expected to be affected by the ocean acidification that started after the industrial revolution and that is still going on right now. That is the reason why we are interested in estimating them in different pCO2 conditions. Before starting the sampling and the analysis I will also be involved in the mesocosms construction as a member of  the “land team”!

My thoughts on the trip

I was not a part of the Stareso experiment so I am pretty (very) excited to participate in the adventure this time. That is a great opportunity for a master student to do an internship within this project, I will have the good luck to see all the different aspects.


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